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Company news about How to start a gasoline generator that won't fire?

How to start a gasoline generator that won't fire?


Latest company news about How to start a gasoline generator that won't fire?

Solution to the problem of the Kena gasoline engine not starting: 1. First check whether the oil and gasoline are newly added. If not, white, it has been added for more than three months before, you need to pour out the oil and gasoline and replace it. Oil and gasoline are only valid for three months. After three months, the oil and gasoline has lost its viscosity and has no effect. 2. Check whether the generator is full of oil and gasoline. If not, the generator will not ignite and start. 3. If all of the above is done, then see if the spark plugs are firing. If not, remove the spark plug, wipe some gasoline, and see if the generator is ignited. If it is ignited, it is fine.

Gasoline generator in order to make the combustible mixture inhaled into the cylinder to burn quickly, so as to produce higher pressure, so that the engine to send a higher power, combustible mixture before combustion to be compressed, so that its volume will be reduced, the density will increase, the temperature will rise, that is, the need for the compression process. In this process, the intake and exhaust valves are closed and the crankshaft pushes the piston to move from the lower stop to the upper dead center for one stroke, the compression stroke. At this time the pressure of the mixture will increase to 0.6-1.2MPa and the temperature will reach 600-700K.

Solutions to the problem of gasoline generators not generating electricity.

1. check and correct wiring errors according to the circuit diagram.

2. The excitation winding of the main generator or exciter is incorrectly connected, resulting in incorrect polarity. Often this is caused by incorrect wiring after the excitation winding has been replaced. It should be checked and corrected; 3. Rotating silicon rectifier element is short-circuited due to breakdown and is conducting in both positive and negative directions. Use a multimeter to check the positive and negative resistance of the rectifier element and replace the damaged element; 4. The main generator excitation winding is damaged. Use a multimeter to check and measure the main generator excitation winding, the resistance is infinite, and the excitation line should be connected.

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