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Company news about Start the diesel generator set in the right way

Start the diesel generator set in the right way


Latest company news about Start the diesel generator set in the right way

As times, there are two measures to start the diesel generator set, one is manual and one is slave switching. Manual start to start the alarm system to test to see if it is normal, and then the dominant electric knob cut to the post of the manual, it is enough to start the line normally. Key switch is the decision to cut the electric door to the key button, and the power supply organs to switch the electric door should also be in the automatic post, so that when the utility power subsides, the generator can run electrically.

To teach the normal operation of diesel generators, to extend the period of call, it is important to do a good job of reflection on the maintenance of sitting class, to ensure that what can not be said in the power outage in a good gas supply vision state, not to deter normal electricity.

The first should do a good job of daily inspection, focusing on reflecting on the following above situations.

1, check whether the diesel fuel in the tank is sufficient, whether the environment inside is clean and sanitary, force to ensure that the pipeline never air; 2, review the water or antifreeze in the cardboard tank, the generator spindle oil is not all in the required position; 3, check whether the circuit wiring is normal, is not a solid;.

4, check whether the battery level is in the determination of the rushing day, whether the power is sufficient; 5, to see whether the normal turnover from component to component, there is no raw wealth pile up; 6, review the generator has not broken place, there is no leakage;.

Before sailing diesel generators, must first reflect on whether the water in the tank or antifreeze is sufficient, if the porridge is less monk since to fill up and then start. In addition, to determine whether the lubricating oil is added to the specified scale, as well as whether there are safety hazards in the components, if there are hidden problems, we must quickly remove before starting.

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