170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg

Place of Origin Chongqing, China
Brand Name Huanneng Dongli
Certification ISO9001/CE
Model Number KN3500IE
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price $240/set
Packaging Details Standard carton/wooden case
Delivery Time 1-7 working days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.
Supply Ability 1000 sets per month
Product Details
Product Name Air Cooling Single Cylinder Low Noise Inverter Generator Displacement 212cc
Engine Model 170F-2 Material Bronze
Start Way Electric Start Weight 45kg
Feature Camping For Tourists
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170F-2 suitcase generator 3kw


inverter generator 3kw 45kg


Single Cylinder Inverter Generator 3KW

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Product Description

Household Air Cooling Single Cylinder Low Noise Inverter Generator 3KW

Low Noise Inverter Generator


1. New technology of inverter, voltage stability, waveform is better, suitable for variety of electrical appliances.

2. With oil, overload, short circuit, high precision temperature protection, generator protection is more reliable.


1. Focus on quality, service and reliability and listen to customers
2. Combines modern technology, quality and aesthetics
3. Continuously improve productivity and review existing workflows
4. Promote team work
5. Uphold the creed that managers have a special responsibility for the company's continued development
6. Cooperate with enterprises in the industry to help business partners to new paths

7.Economical, low fuel consumption for continuous stable running .

8.Easy maintenance with brush-less alternator and electronic ignition

9.Standard configuration of voltmeter enables convenient use.

10.AC/DC circuit breaker ensure safety for its overload and shock circuit protection.

11.100% testing with loaded before packing.

12.With CE,GS,ROHS,ISO9001,TUV,SONCAP certification.

13.12 months warranty for long sevices life.

Technical parameters:


Model KN1200IS KN2000IS KN2500IS KN3500IE KN4600IE KN8000IE
Power factor 1.0
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated voltage 230V
Rated current 14A 14A 14A 14A 15A 30.5A
Rated power 1KW 1.8KW 2.3KW 3.0KW 3.5KW 6.8KW
Max power 1.2KW 2KW 2.5KW 3.5KW 4KW 7KW
DC output 12V/8A
Starting system Manual Electric Manual Electric Electric Electric
Engine model 144F 148F 148F 170F-2 170F-2 192F
Type Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled
Displacement 53cc 79cc 79cc 212cc 223cc 420CC
Engine speed 3600RMP
Ignition system Crystal electron ignition
Gasoline type Unleaded gasoline
Tank volume 2.1L 4.2L 4.2L 17L 17L 22L
Oil capacity 0.25L 0.4L 0.4L 0.6L 0.6L 1.1L
Net weight 14KG 20KG 22KG 45KG 48KG 77KG
Size (cm) 45*24*38 51*28*45.5 51*28*45.5 59*45.6*51.1 59*44*51 69.5*53.5*59




Based on the principle of meeting the needs of users, we provide long-term technical advice on pure spare parts, supervise the installation and commissioning of transportation generator sets and train operators. After receiving feedback on quality problems, answer consumer and supply problem solutions within 24 hours. Do your best to provide satisfactory service.
1. Pre-sales service
Sales engineers provide technical advice and auxiliary supervision, such as selecting auxiliary generator room design and solving problems encountered in the use of equipment.

2. Service during the sales period
Provide customers with production information and arrange shipments.
3. After-sales service
1. Free computer room design
Free installation and commissioning guide
Free training for operators and maintenance personnel;
Do a good job of archival work for consumers, constantly pursue service, regularly check, and serve for life.
5. Supply pure spare parts at market price throughout the year,
6. Provide technical support for life

Warranty Period: 1 year from the date of shipment from the manufacturer's factory, or 1000 hours from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first.
Repair or Replacement: PowerFriend warrants the cost of any repair or replacement due to defects in design, materials and workmanship.
3 Warranty Limitations:

1) Misuse and lack of proper maintenance;

2) Do not implement the operation manual;

3) Generators modified without our approval or instruction

4) Do not use genuine parts

5) Wearing parts (engine air filter, oil filter)

Product pictures:


170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 0

170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 1170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 2170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 3170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 4170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 5170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 6170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 7170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 8170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 9170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 10170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 11170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 12170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 13170F-2 Single Cylinder Inverter Suitcase Generator 3KW 45kg 14



ONE: The gasoline generator does not generate electricity ~ the voltage cannot reach 220V


1. Blow the throttle down and try. After the accelerator, the voltage of the voltmeter reaches 220V, which is the phenomenon of insufficient fuel. Just fill up with petrol.

2. Adjust the AVR electronic regulator, remove it, and use a small flat-blade screwdriver to adjust to 220V. If it burns out, you need to contact customer service to replace it.


Two: The reason why the gasoline generator can't start?


1. The main reason for gasoline generators is to check whether the spark plugs are ignited. If the spark plug does not fire, replace the spark plug. If it still doesn't work, it's time to check the high voltage package and motor.


2. The gasoline pump of the gasoline generator is dirty, just remove it and clean it with gasoline.


3. In this case, the oil quality of the fuel can be replaced (the oil is impure or has water).


4. It is more troublesome to pull the cylinder of the gasoline engine. It is necessary to open the cylinder to check one by one, which is caused by the damage of spare parts.


Three: After the gasoline generator is started, the voltage is unstable and the noise is loud?


After the generator starts, the voltage is unstable (high and low) and the noise becomes louder. Preliminary analysis may be that the electronic regulator is broken.



Four: The small generator can't start when it catches fire


1. First check whether the oil and gasoline are newly added. If not, it has been added for more than three months before, and both the oil and gasoline need to be drained and replaced. (Because the validity period of oil and gasoline is only three months, oil and gasoline more than three months have lost their viscosity and have no effect.


2. Whether the oil and gasoline of the small generator are full, if the generator is not full, it will not be able to ignite and start.


3. If all of the above are satisfied, check whether the spark plug fires. If not, remove the spark plug and put some gasoline on it to see if the alternator catches fire. If it ignites, it will start.


Five: Electric start gasoline generator starting method


1. Fill up the oil and fuel in the corresponding fuel tank of the generator.


2. Connect the battery wires (the red wire is connected to the positive electrode, and the black wire is connected to the negative electrode)


3. Unscrew the key to start the machine.


Six: the service life of gasoline generators


The main thing is that there is no shortage of oil. A Nook small generator with frequent oil changes can last a lifetime. Remember, oil needs to be changed frequently, oil is essential. Oil is equivalent to lubricating oil, which plays a lubricating role and can lubricate the generator. The bearings and crankshaft inside keep the parts inside the machine moisturizing, and at the same time run normally, increasing the life of the generator!